Hello Everyone!

I'm sooooo sorry I haven't posted in a while. There is so much going on and lots to update you on but some of that will be a surprise! Right now I've been working on a new website which will be coming soon and lots of information as well. Good news is that being busy means parties and events are getting pretty! I've been really working hard with late nights, early morning, workshops, brainstorming sessions and working meetings with fellow side hustlers and it's all been really helpful. Keeps the motivation going when you have some people around you that you have to be accountable to. It's also lead to some great designing opportunities I'm currently working on as well and as soon as those pictures come in, I will be sharing them with you! I can't wait for some of these dates!

In other news I wanted to share with you all that I will be a vendor at the upcoming ReBash Show in May! Yaaaaaaaay! I'm very excited to be part of this show. If you remember one of the first posts I had here on the blog was about the show when I attended as a guest here. It was such a nice show, very inspiring and had me pushing towards starting my little side hustle of my own and get myself into the show... and here I am! I will be showcasing many items I could design and create for your wedding and can't wait to talk to all you brides to be about your special day! There will be lots in store and a new launch coming just in time for the my big day so I can help you all with your big day too!

Right now they're having a sale (and you know how much I love sales!) $2 off your tickets when you use the promo code REBASHFLASH. Hurry because this promo is only available until April 4th! Get your tickets and come down and visit! I can't wait to showcase all the new things I've been working on and meet all you lovely brides and grooms to be :) Keep posted for changes happening, more behind the scenes work, and a bigger a better look into all the changes.
Seating charts have been an amazing way to showcase some special flare at your wedding and these days, people are getting really creative. So with Valentines in mind, I've created a new seating chart that I think Cupid would approve of and I wanted to showcase it all to you! Your guests will know exactly where they will be going with these adorable Arrow seating charts

The beauty with these is that they can be used either by table number or by name. Whatever suits your needs!

I love creating new seating charts and displays for weddings and events. Got an idea?? Let me know and we'll get something special created just for you and your theme :)

wink ;)
It's definitely an understatement that I love paper... I would love to make everything out of paper if I could. Another odd thing I really like is lighting. Well, maybe that's not so odd, but every time I see a new lamp I want it, and of course don't have enough places to put them all, or enough things needed to be lit up really. But I figure it would be kind of nice to put both together. Making a light out of paper! Now I know heat and paper really shouldn't go hand in hand, but the beautiful thing these days are energy saving and LED light bulbs! They don't get hot, and can be put in almost anything!

I thought I'd share with you all a simple light you could make yourself with a few pieces of paper and a little bulb.

What you need:
. 12 pieces of paper
. Light Source

First you need to build the paper octahedron. I made a giant one which was NOT easy... plus the paper I used was pretty flimsy which make it even harder, but the result was pretty nice.

Each paper needs to be a square. To do so fold one corner of your paper diagonally across to make a triangle and tear off the bottom portion.

Next, fold your page in half and open it again making a crease down the middle for reference

After you open it back up, fold one side up to the middle like and then do the same on the other side

Now flip your paper over so the folds are on the bottom. Take the right corner of your paper and fold it to the opposite side of your paper, and do the same on the left side

Now those little extra pieces you can fold over to follow the diagonal line of the shape

Take the right point and fold it down the middle and so the same with the left point

Now you have the shape you need to start making your octahedron! all you have to do is make... 11 more! that's right, you need 12 of these pieces to make this shape. But trust me it's totally worth it! So get yourself back up to the top of this post and go through the instructions 11 more times and the move on :)

Having 12 of these separate pieces, you must be wondering how they all go together to make the shape. Well it is a little tricky with flimsy paper like I said, but it isn't that hard. Below I have linked a video from a little one that can help you put together the pieces:

Once your pieces are together, simply separate (carefully) an area where 4 sides meet and slip in your light then turn it on!

You've made your own beautiful lamp :)

Making one of these makes me think of so many variations you could do and I'm sure I'll get a chance to make them and when I do, of course I'll share them with you all! Have fun making your own pretty lamps!

I can't believe it is already 2016. That means a whole new year of opportunities, a whole new year of challenges and a whole new year of adventures, and I for one can't wait to see what's in store. I LOVE decorating for new years and really enjoy all the glitter, shiny and fancy things you can do with it. It really gives you the chance to get a little more out there with designs. But what if you're not much of a decorator... and you're having a simple night in with just a few friends or your family, watching the local New Years Event on TV, or the ball drop at Time Square?? You can still have a little fancy evening for yourself. A little sparkle without the whole sparkle by using some sparklers! Here's a little celebration set up you can use for any celebration really that is just simple, low key and anyone could put together.

Mini Mason Jars
Gold Curling Ribbon
Paper Straws
Mini Boa
Mini Banner

And then TAH DAH!

Cute little Count down set up! All you need to do is wrap small cut pieces of the mini boa and glue them around the top of your paper straws, tie some gold curling ribbon around your mason jars and give them a little curl, fill your cup with your favourite drink of choice and ring in the new year with a little cheers of your own!

I'd also add some sparklers to the mix as well because... i love sparklers... a lot... So at about 15 seconds to midnight, get everyone around some candles to light the sparklers and they will light just in time for the New Year!

Have fun, and ring in the new year with the perfect little cheers :)

wink ;)
Time goes by WAY too fast these days. I can't believe it is already the end of the year and 2016 is about to begin. Where did this year go?? Where did this month go?? I've had so much going on, so many things to make and create this holiday season that I didn't even get a chance to decorate :( And decorating for Christmas is one of my favourite things to do! I even built myself a whole fireplace to decorate this year... did i get to?? unfortunately  no...

I really did build one though, want to see??


Isn't it cute?? Honestly, it started feeling warmer when I had it on and makes me feel all cozy inside! But this year really has been an eye opener when it came to how much I ended up creating and making and crafting. I had a lot of orders, lots of gifts to make for friends and family and wrapping upon wrapping upon wrapping upon wrapping... I had my little fireplace going, wrapping while listening to some old school rapping. It was great!

With the new year coming around, one of my "resolutions" is to be posting a lot more, getting into showing a lot more of my crafts because there are a ton of things I have that I don't show either and get a bit more lifestyle crafts going as well. I'm so excited!

So I finally have been able to get my gallery up and running and uploaded some pictures for you all to see. So take a look! let me know what you think. Check it out HERE

I'll have lots to show you in the new year, so stay tuned!

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So the month of October has been crazy. I have some new products up in the shop (more still to come), took on a few little custom projects, and got myself back into some graphic work as well, but was definitely challenged by a friend of mine to get a portfolio going. I knew I always needed to start one to begin showcasing what I can do for a more complete event. I've done posters, signage, invitations, table items and a lot of other things for a few events this year, but not a complete design. I've come up with themes, and created a few things for clients with them, but was still missing a whole array of decorations I can make for so many other events. So he asked me, "When are you planning on doing a shoot?" I gave him a date close to the end of October. He looked at me and asked me again "When are you planning on doing a shoot?" I knew exactly what he meant, so I gave him a date a week earlier than the previous one. He looked at me again and said "When are you planning on doing a shoot?" My answer this time "When am I planning on doing this shoot?" He was like "Next weekend"...

Next weekend? Was he crazy? does he actually know how much time it takes to source things, design from scratch and actually make stuff? Granted I had already started and at least had a theme and idea in mind as to what I wanted to do, but still... I barely had anything together. My nights, lunch breaks and any spare moment was spent designing, gluing, cutting, sticking pasting everything I possibly could and I really didn't think I could do it, but...

Tah Dah! It worked. I did it. I got 2 pretty nice table designs done and executed and I think they turned our pretty good (I was also even able to bake some cookies for the snacks too!) So I wanted to give everyone a little sneak peak with some of the pictures I got back from the photographer and I will be letting you all know when the gallery will be open to see the rest.

So excited to see everything coming together :)

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The Board to their Forever
Alright ladies... let's admit it, we all dream about our perfect wedding day, the perfect dress, perfect flowers, perfect song for your first dance, perfect man... but before all that happens, there has to be a proposal! I love the fact that a lot of you guys are really getting creative and sweet with how your pop the big question. It definitely shows how special they want to make this moment for their special lady. But hello! how cute is this proposal?? As a maker myself, I seriously give an A++ to this guy for his custom made Monopoly board proposal. Just the game alone would have been enough to have me completely surprised (and I love board games), but a proposal on top of that?? How could you say no??

The fact everything was built from scratch (and done very well might I add) is cute enough, but each property has a special meaning from where they met, to date spots, to favourite places and more.

You can see his page and the story here:

Monopoly Proposal - soooooo cute!

Future hubby, if you're reading this... this is the way to go ;) *hint*hint*

wink ;)